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Oil City & Johnstown Dental Centers Image

Oil City & Johnstown Dental Centers


Oil City Dental Center

217 Sycamore Street

Oil City, PA 16301

Phone: 814-670-0374

Johnstown Dental Center

647 Main St.

Johnstown, PA 15901

Phone: (814) 262-8500

Dr. Anne C. Klena-Charney, Dentist, Johnstown Dental Center


Our Vision

Reduce dental disease and improve overall health among underserved communities.


Create a dental home in underserved communities and provide outreach education to children and adults through school and community-based programs.

The Salvation Army Oil City and Johnstown Dental Centers provide high-quality preventative and restorative oral healthcare to under-insured and uninsured low-income families in Venango County, Cambria County and surrounding areas as well. The dental center is the only provider in all of Venango County that accepts all forms of Medical Assistance dental coverage. Residents of all ages can receive much needed and often overdue dental care and repair, including oral surgery and denture fitting. The center offers flexible payment plans. Medical Assistance, CHIP, and other insurance is accepted, but for the uninsured, an income-base reduced fee plan is created on a case-by-case basis. The centers are staffed with a dentist, dental hygienists, and dental assistants to provide patients with the highest level of care needed to maintain good oral health.

Since its inception in 2010, the Oil City Dental Center had 2,536 patients in its first year and now has 15,137 patients. The Johnstown Dental Center began in 2013 and its first year had 1,642 patients and the now has 8,612 patients.

  • Johnstown Dental Center avg patients per day = 44
  • Oil City Dental Center avg patients per day = 61

Access to care is one of the largest factors in dental care for low-income families. Tooth decay is the #1 chronic childhood disease. Almost 30% of low-income children ages 2-5 have tooth decay. Almost 45% of low-income children ages 6-12 have tooth decay. The largest hindrance to Access to Care is lack of providers. Less than 10% of Pennsylvania Dentists accept Medicaid.


Diagnostic and Preventative Care: Examination, digital X-rays, cleaning, fluoride treatment and sealants.

Restorative Care: Fillings, crowns, root canals, dentures, periodontal services, extractions, surgical services.

Community Outreach

The ‘Give Kids a Smile' event is a way to provide educational materials to local families to demonstrate that dental care and prevention of further decay and oral problems is possible and affordable in a fun and positive atmosphere. The annual event is a special day at The Salvation Army Oil City Dental Center devoted to cost-free dental screenings and referrals along with fun dental hygiene educational presentations for children six-months to eighteen years of age. ‘Give Kids a Smile' events are an initiative of the American Dental Association and have been happening nationwide since 2003. The Salvation Army Oil City Dental Center has been participating in this event since 2013, and public interest and attendance has steadily increased over this six -year timespan; in 2013, 88 children were screened/treated during ‘Give Kids a Smile' day in Oil City, while in 2018, 286 children received dental care during the event.

The Salvation Army Oil City Dental Center ‘Give Kids a Smile' event, is a collaborative, communitywide day that is an uplifting and positive experience for participating children. The Center opens its doors to participating oral health agencies and other community resources that setup demonstration booths for the children complete with fun and informative games and activities, giveaways including coupons to the local McDonalds for a healthy happy-meal, and chances to win prizes. Americorps interns and volunteers are on hand to engage the children in educational demonstrations, and Crawford Area Transportation Authority & Venango County Transit help transport children and their families to and from the event.

With the help of community partners and donors, the ‘Give Kids a Smile' event will continue to be a positive turning point for the oral health of the youth population in Venango County. We’re looking in the future to expand this program in Johnstown, PA.

The Salvation Army Dental Centers