An Angel for Christmas

Dec 13, 2021 | by Stephanie Rex

All she wanted for Christmas was an angel for her family. 

At just 14 years old, Andrea recognized that her mother was struggling with the recent loss of their grandfather, while also facing the trauma of nearly losing her older daughter to COVID-19. The depression had set in and the medical bills had piled up after mom was forced to quit her job to take care of her older daughter, who faced a battle for her life that now leaves her with lasting health complications. 

Andrea’s brother said Santa would take care of them. But while many children were sending letters to the North Pole, Andrea took it upon herself to write a letter to The Salvation Army, a desperate plea for help – and hope – for her family. 

“I am not asking for money or a miracle – all’s I am asking for is a Christmas angel,” she wrote. “My mom lost my pappy, and then we almost lost my sister, Brandy. Brandy had gotten COVID and she almost died. She couldn't move or breathe, and she also had gotten blood clots.”  

While her stepdad worked tirelessly to make ends meet, Andrea took action after hearing her mother cry one night as Christmas was fast approaching. 

“She said Christmas isn't going to happen this year and she doesn't know how to tell us. My little brother said, ‘It's OK, mommy - Santa will take care of us.’ I do not know how to do all of this…I am still a kid myself,” Andrea wrote. 

“Please - could you pray that God sends us a Christmas angel and can possibly bring some Christmas cheer to us?” 

The Salvation Army Service Unit in the family’s area immediately responded, registering Andrea, her siblings and her parents in the Adopt-A-Family Christmas Assistance program. Andrea’s mother was overcome with emotion knowing that her daughter had taken it upon herself to bring hope to their family by reaching out to The Salvation Army. 

“I had been sitting here all day wondering what to do…I don’t know how to thank you and I have been trying to find the words. I just keep hugging her and telling her how much I love her. She really is something beyond special,” mom said. 

Because of our donors and the compassion of The Salvation Army’s Service Unit volunteers, this family received its Christmas angel and so much more: hope. 

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