Meeting The Need in Your Neighborhood

Mar 30, 2023


Human trafficking isn’t something that happens somewhere else. It happens in our city and our neighborhoods. Labor and sex trafficking happens on construction sites, on farms, in hotels and even in health care. The Salvation Army is shining a light on this problem, raising awareness and providing support to survivors. Thanks to your generosity, The Salvation Army Western Pennsylvania Division’s LIGHT Project is Leading Individuals Gracefully out of Human Trafficking.
The LIGHT Project team recently helped a young woman in Pittsburgh who became trapped in a situation she could not escape. This intelligent, outgoing and resilient woman met the wrong person who appeared to be the right person at the time. Upon her entrance into the LIGHT Project’s transitional housing program she was traumatized, guarded, anxious, shameful and skeptical, but she always had a willingness to get help. She shared with the team that she’s tried her share of programs and honestly felt like The Salvation Army was potentially just one of many other programs that would be a waste of her time. She consistently appeared to be shocked with the amount of consistent communication she was receiving from the team, and she was always thankful for the assistance. Knowing that help was in her corner gave her hope. Now she has obtained a part-time job, maintained consistent contact with a therapist, is looking for mental health peer groups and has secured housing. Every story is different, and every housing scenario will not be the same, but the LIGHT Project team always strive to meet clients where they are.
The Salvation Army’s LIGHT Project is unique and helps survivors of both labor and sex trafficking. We serve all genders, not just women. The LIGHT Project also provides long-term housing and meets immediate needs for shelter through partner agencies. If you would like to learn more about this initiative, visit For immediate support, call the national human trafficking hotline 24/7 at 1-888-373-7888, or text “befree” (233733) to get connected across the United States.
These fresh starts are only possible thanks to your generosity. Thank you for helping The Salvation Army love beyond the most difficult circumstances and bring light to those living in darkness.



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