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each year, The Salvation Army provides over 10 million nights of shelter to those in need

Homeless Services

Always a helping hand in times of need, The Salvation Army offers a variety of free temporary shelters and feeding services to homeless people of all ages. Men, women, children, and families take refuge in Salvation Army Shelters throughout America.

Three of our four shelters here in Monroe County provide almost 100 beds some of which are designated for veterans:

Booth Haven, serving homeless men.

Hope House, serving homeless women and their young children.

Safe Haven housing the chronically homeless.

These shelters offer spiritual and physical care, food, and shelter to people in need. They attend the total needs of the individual and are meant to be a kind resting place to help these individuals get back on their feet. Our continuing efforts help the homeless population return to a stable living environment; whether becoming employed and living on their own or returning to their families.

Each year, thanks to generous donations, The Salvation Army of Greater Rochester provides over 30,000 nights of lodging to those in the most need who come from a variety of backgrounds. People who come to us for assistance will be served according to their need and our capacity to help - regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.



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