Ortiz Family

Jun 22, 2021

Angie Ortiz couldn’t be more grateful for everything she has in her life. She knows that without caring, hardworking parents — and a helping hand from The Salvation Army — her reality could be very different.

“When we were living in Spring Valley, it was hard work for my parents... we knew they would work so hard to give us what we needed to get a good start in life,” she recalls.

Angie’s father worked at a bakery for many years, while his wife took care of the kids at home. Things were extremely difficult, and resources were scarce. But one day, Mrs. Ortiz found the help they needed in The Salvation Army.

“My wife found a lot of help there. Help with the school supplies, with food, help with a lot of items,” remembers Mr. Ortiz. He goes on to tell us about his four daughters’ experience at the Star Lake Camp. “We thought, wow, this is amazing!”

Angie expresses her gratitude very candidly. “I want to thank The Salvation Army for giving my family faith and something good to look forward to every week. Everyone there was compassionate and giving and selfless... and now I want to pass it on to future generations.”



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