Supporter Highlight: Dr. Charles Keller

Jun 24, 2021

As a big enthusiast of opera, classical music, and ballet — passion he shared with his late wife — Dr. Charles Keller loves attending The Salvation Army’s annual events. And he has a good reason to enjoy them.

“Seeing these kids come out in that big band sound, each one of them so proud with their instrument... it just sends chills down my spine to see that production. And that’s The Salvation Army at work,” Charles says.

The way he sees it, for every dollar he gives to The Salvation Army he gets a hundred dollars back in services, goods, and goodwill. “The people are so devoted, physically, spiritually, emotionally. This group is such a joy to be with... such a great investment,” he adds.

“The concept of giving now for those people who will be here after you have gone is the ultimate form of happiness,” he shares. It’s a great concept that fills him with joy in giving to The Salvation Army.


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