Volunteer Highlight: Lyna Syn

Mar 15, 2021

Having extreme need from the very moment you’re born marks you for life. In Lyna Sun’s case, it taught her to be grateful for the help received and to give back to her community.

After her parents escaped a violent regime and torture in Cambodia, Lyna was born in a refugee camp in the Philippines. In search of a better life, they came to the United States with nothing else but hope and dreams.

“The Salvation Army Community Center provided us with a lot... emotional and financial support, and just a community of love,” Lyna says.

In their moments of dire need, The Salvation Army provided Lyna and her family with food, clothing, and other essentials to help them get established. Grateful for all the support received at a time when they didn’t know anyone — or even speak the language — Lyna now volunteers at The Salvation Army Times Square Community Center to help those who need a hand, just like her family did years ago.

“The Salvation Army New York has helped countless families in need. I highly encourage everyone to go out there and give your support in whatever way you possibly can,” Lyna tells us.



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