Mental Health Struggles Amidst Ongoing Pandemic and Community Violence

Jul 14, 2021 | by The Salvation Army East

Many families have been faced with the new struggle of homeschooling children while continuing to work because of COVID-19. Donna is a mother of three; two school aged children and a 2-year-old with behavioral concerns that require additional services.

After nearly a year of navigating the at-home challenges, there was a shooting in the apartment next door. The shooting coupled with the ongoing stresses of the pandemic caused Donna’s mental health to deteriorate. Around the same time, Donna received an email from her daughter’s teacher informing her that her daughter was not signing into the Zoom classes on time and was struggling to pay attention due to her ADHD.

Donna found The Salvation Army in search of mental health help. She was tired and struggling. The Salvation Army set her up with telehealth therapy for stress and crisis management. Donna also employed community trauma relief to reduce her heart rate related to the violence in her community.

The Salvation Army helped to connect Donna with her daughter’s therapist to find additional intervention techniques to explain the community violence and reduce fear. Donna and her case manager for The Salvation Army also worked on strategies to collaborate with her 10-year-old daughter to manage her ADHD symptoms. A new routine and approach were developed and Donna’s daughter got back on track with her school work. 

Despite the overwhelming pressures of the past couple of year, the family found coping mechanisms and a successful life at home. “I don’t know where we would be if it wasn’t for The Salvation Army guiding us through these challenges,” said Donna. “I was at my wits end but I knew I couldn’t give up.”

Donna continues to persevere and rise above the challenges COVID-19 has presented her.  While it seems like one thing after another, she will not give up.

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