Saratoga Springs: Volunteer

Apr 2, 2020 | by Empire State Division

"Dillon and I made some Salvation Army food deliveries today. We “accidentally” stopped at one place, which ended up being a “God appointment!” We meet Margaret, a tiny (smaller than me ) Grandma. Anyhow, she directed us in the “right” direction toward the trailer we were actually looking for. But before we left I asked her if she needed the SA to bring her any food....."No, I'm all alone now. I just loss my husband a couple weeks ago. But, I know where he is. He loved God, prayed and read his Bible every day.” I asked if I could pray with her.

As we prayed together, she teared up and when I finished, I told her I was so happy to meet her, that God directed us to her. She agreed and said, “God knew I need someone to come and bring me a smile today.” 
On our last delivery for the day we stopped by again and bought her some flowers. She had the biggest, sweetest smile! She made my day! I love when God does stuff like that!" 

Sometimes a food box just brings food, but most of the time they bring HOPE. 


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