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As a sponsor you help raise children out of poverty and into a full and dignified life.

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The Surabaya Boy's Home in Indonesia provides a safe haven for children with nowhere else to go. Learn more

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The Pelotas Integration Center in Brazil offers a safe place for children to go after school while their parents work. Learn more

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The Salvation Army's Bethany girls' Home in The Philippines provides care and support to victims of sexual abuse and cyber trafficking. Learn more

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The Aruna Children's Shelter in India provides a safe refuge for children at risk of abuse & exploitation. Learn more

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The Njoro Special School in Kenya provides a home and education for Children with disabilities. Learn more. 

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The Mendoza Tutoring & Fun Club in Paraguay offers a safe place for children from gang ridden neighborhoods to go after school. Learn more

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The Rita After-School Program in the Marshall Islands provides educational and nutritional support to children in need. Learn more

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The Tacna Child Development Center in Peru provides tutoring and nutrition  to children from poor neighborhoods after school. Learn more

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The Integrated Children's Center in Bangladesh provides a home and education for orphaned and visually impaired children. Learn more

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Sponsorship changes lives

Growing up in The Salvation Army Children's Home in Mexico, Claudia* shares the difference that has been made in her life: "I would be in the street. I wouldn't be where I am now. I would be doing drugs. We wouldn't have had enough money for me to study. In the Children's Home, I have been given the opportunity to study and to know the word of God." Sponsorship provides children like Claudia with the building blocks they need to grow and thrive as they reach for their highest potential.

Sponsorship FAQs

1. What is Child Sponsorship?

The Child Sponsorship program provides financial support to children in Salvation Army run Children's Homes, Schools, and Community Centers in developing countries around the world. As a sponsor, you will be paired with a home, school, or center. Your pledge will be combined with pledges from other sponsors to help provide healthy meals & snacks, school fees and uniforms, and medical & dental support to all of the children in the program, ensuring that each child's basic needs are covered and that they are given the resources they need for a successful future.  

2. How much is a sponsorship pledge?

Our sponsors make a pledge of $25 a month towards the program that they choose to support. Payments can be made by credit card or check on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. Checks can be made payable to: "The Salvation Army" with Sponsorship on the memo line.

3. How much of my sponsorship money will be sent overseas?

The Salvation Army's sponsorship program is unique in that 100% of your sponsorship pledge will be sent to the country it is designated for. International regulations allow for no more than 5% to be used for the administration of each country's sponsorship department. 

4. How long is a Sponsorship commitment?

Your sponsorship makes an incredible impact in the services provided to the children in our programs. The funds are considered an investment in the future of children who come from situations of abuse, abandonment, and immense poverty. We know that our sponsors take their investments seriously and so while you may cancel your support at any time, you may continue your sponsorship for as long as the program needs it, providing services and resources to children today that will impact them for years to come.

5. How do I become a sponsor?

Choose a Children's Home, School, or Community Center to sponsor from our list of Locations in Need. Send us a check or simply click Sponsor A Program to set up your credit card payments and we will be in touch! Please contact us with any additional questions you might have.

6. What can I expect once I have become a sponsor?

As a sponsor, you will receive an update on your sponsored program at least once a year so that you can learn about the difference your support is making for the children. We invite you to write letters to the children in the program- encouraging and supporting them, affirming their worth, and sharing about yourself as well! All correspondence can be mailed to the Child Sponsorship office.