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No one should ever grow old alone Image

No one should ever grow old alone

Every year, older adults are welcomed with open arms in Salvation Army corps community centers across the country.

More than 14% of Americans over age 71 are affected by dementia.

Research suggests that elderly care involving human contact and interpersonal conversation lowers the impact of dementia and depression.

Economic insecurity affects adults daily

An estimated 4 out of 5 adults struggle with near-poverty, joblessness or dependence on welfare. While much of social service works highlights families and children, the “invisible poor”, the adult and senior populations within communities whether suburban or rural are often forgotten.

Our programs are specialized to help heal the mind, body and soul for adults in every stage of life.

Use this paragraph to introduce the ways you help within this ministry. Then, index your programs or services below. Here is your opportunity to get hyper-local. You may have specific programs or services that apply to multiple ministries. There is no harm in listing these on all applicable ministry landing pages. Consider your audience, who may be looking for immediate help (and make sure they have a way to initiate it).

Community Care Ministries

Being a patient or living in a nursing home can be lonely. That's why The Salvation Army Community Care Ministries provides thousands of friendly visits annually. A kind word, a small gift or a requested prayer are only part of the special visit. This simple kindness of sharing human company helps to combat loneliness or despair as seniors get older.


Basic Needs Help

Adults of all ages have full access to our basic needs’ services at any time. In some areas, we even have dental clinics to enhance the support we can offer adults who are living at or below the poverty line. For older adults, we have mid-day meals, transportation help, older adult ministries programs and even special housing facilities in some locations.


The Salvation Army works to stimulate the minds and bodies of older adults via educational opportunities, low-impact exercise, dances, lunches, fellowship, and countless other "young at heart" activities.


In addition to the mental stress of past service, veterans with PTSD also often struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Through the faith-based recovery and work programs at our Adult Rehabilitation Centers, those veterans can begin to mend their broken lives and return once again to their families.


Search for your local Salvation Army for program schedules




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