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Each day, dozens of classes are offered for all ages, interests and abilities. Find the right class for you today! 


Fitness & Wellness at the Kroc 

Better health leads to a better you. Our fitness center is available to all members for strength, cardio, endurance, flexibility and agility training. Additional training classes, like equipment instruction and developing a proper workout routine, are also available to help you get the most out of your workout. Classes focusing on basic sports skills, endurance, and fitness are also available for youth.

Group X classes!

Each day, classes are offered for all ages, interests and abilities. Find the right class for you today! To see what classes are happening today, view the calendar below. Reserve up to one week prior to class start time

Aquatics Park

Our Aquatics Park is designed for members of all ages. Whether you enjoy early morning laps or are thinking of swim classes for your infant or toddler, we provide a unique environment where all skill levels can learn to swim or have fun. As the largest all-season water park in Greater Boston, we offer:

  • Dedicated 25-yard lap lanes 
  • Zero-depth entry, splash pads, waterslides, and lazy river
  • Group and individual swim lessons with qualified instructors 
  • Water Aerobics, Aqua Zumba, and Senior Classes 
  • CPR and Lifeguard Certification 
  • Family locker rooms 
  • Rental opportunities

Small Group Swim Lessons

Swim lessons will be offered starting October 4th.

12-week, one on one course for all ages and abilities. Limited slots available!

$75 for non-members  |  $50 for members

Level 1 : Introduction to Water Skills

  • For the beginner who is comfortable in the water.
  • Swimmers learn basics of swimming: bobbing, going under water, supported front and back floating, supported rolling over from front to back and back to front, supported gliding , supported flutter kick, supported front crawl arms and jumping in.

Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills

  • Swimmers should already be able to float on front and back and put their head under water.
  • Swimmers will work on: independent front and back floating , independent rolling over from front to back and back to front, independent front and back glides, front crawl arms and kicks, back crawl arms and kicks, retrieving underwater objects, and jumping into water

Level 3: Stroke Development

Swimmers should already be comfortable swimming front stroke and swimming on their back.

Swimmers will work on: gliding, freestyle with side breathing, backstroke, breast stroke and dolphin kicks, retrieving objects in deeper water, treading water, jumping into deep water and compact dives.

Level 4: Stroke Improvement

  • Swimmers should already be able to: swim front and back crawl 25 yards.
  • Swimmers will work on: rotary breathing, freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, scissors kick and sidestroke, whip kick and breaststroke, intro to turning at wall, treading water with modified scissors, and diving in kneeling position.

Level 5: Stroke Refinement

  • Swimmers should already be able to: swim freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke 25 yards, scissors kick, whip kick, treading water, and dive.
  • Swimmers will work on: alternate breathing, stride jump, refinement of: freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, dolphin kick and butterfly, open turn on front and back, feet-first surface dive, and treading water.


Accompanied by a parent in this stage, infant and toddlers focuses on exploring body positions, floating, blowing bubbles, and fundamental safety and aquatic skills.

  • Water Acclimation With A Parent 
  • Water Discovery 
  • Water Exploration 

Youth Programs

At the Boston Kroc Center, we value education greatly. Whether your child needs academic support or structured enrichments, the Boston Kroc Center is the place to be!  Make sure to register in advance to guarantee your spot in our After and Middle School programs. 

Lean more about Youth Programs

Current Schedule

Here you will find all things Boston Kroc from the Group X Class offerings, to the perfect time to go for a Lap Swim in our Aquatics Center, to staying up date on our Holiday & Distribution Schedule.  The schedule updates at the start of every month and is downloadable for your use.  

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