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Passion and Mission

Key elements in the CFOT classroom
prepare cadets for ministry

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Tools for learning

Exceptional teaching for tomorrow's leaders

Curriculum & Academics

The academic component of the College for Officer Training, USA Eastern Territory, seeks to provide a challenging learning environment in which intellectual capacity, spiritual development and practical ministry experience are balanced. This aims to create a foundation and desire for life-long learning and continual development of ministry skills. Instrumental to this interdependence of classroom, community and field is an instructional staff composed of qualified practitioners and credentialed academics, all sharing a common faith in Christ working in partnership.

In summary, this program should produce Salvation Army officers who:

  1. Know God, evidenced by holiness of heart, purity of life, prayer, witness, service, sacrifice, nobility of character and quality of living.
  2. Know themselves, their strengths and how to direct them, their weaknesses and how to overcome them, their potentials and how to develop them.
  3. Know their mission, understanding the implications of God's call to officership, understanding the nature and mission of The Salvation Army, understanding their commitment to it and their place within it, both men and women together, sharing the burden of the world's sin and suffering, desiring above self, comfort, recognition, and all else the glory of God and the salvation of the world.

By successfully engaging in the learning experience of the CFOT, cadets will be commissioned and ordained as Salvation Army officers. Spiritually mature and academically and practically prepared, they will faithfully engage in mission to a hurting world by living for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.

Captain Sun Kyung Simpson 
Director of Curriculum

Major Sheila Gage
Education Officer

Major Eva Geddes
Senior Instructor

Major David Payton
Curriculum Officer

Major Kristin Rivero
Curriculum Officer

Major Miguelina Feliz
Curriculum Officer

Major Joshua Simpson
Curriculum Officer

Major Iris Torres
Spanish Studies Coordinator

Major Raquel Ramirez
Curriculum Officer, Spanish Track

Member of CFOT Leadership Team