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We Support People of All Ages

Through programs designed to address the mind, body and soul, we meet the needs of adults of all ages.

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Our programs are specialized to help heal the mind, body and soul for adults in every stage of life.

We seek to be a leader in evangelism, ministry and service to and with older adults, to address the changing needs of older adults and to engage them in significant roles of service, thus providing growth and personal development of everyone. We partner with adults by connecting them with tools and resources to help them through any life struggle. There is help for veterans, community care ministries for those who are homebound or hospitalized, counseling and more. We give people a whole army of support, so they are not alone.

Economic insecurity affects adults daily

An estimated 4 out of 5 adults struggle with near-poverty, joblessness or dependence on welfare. While much of social service works highlights families and children, the “invisible poor”, the adult and senior populations within communities whether suburban or rural are often forgotten.

The Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland gives adults and seniors a toolkit for success through:

Basic Needs Help

Adults of all ages have full access to our basic needs’ services at any time. For older adults, we also provide mid-day meals, help with transportation and senior ministries programs. 

Activities for Older Adults

Engaging the minds and bodies of older adults helps keep them young, active and happy. At The Salvation Army, older adults can take part in educational classes, service projects, exercise and countless other activities. Many enjoy simply being together and kindling friendships. In 2019, 255 seniors engaged in fellowship and programs at our West Park Corps and East Cleveland Corps.

Help for Veterans

In 2019, 2,000 veterans received in Greater Cleveland social and spiritual care. For some veterans, dealing with the mental stress of past service can become overwhelming and lead to struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. Through the faith-based recovery and work programs at our Adult Rehabilitation Center, those veterans can begin to mend their broken lives and return once again to their families.

Spiritual Care and Counseling

We not only meet physical needs, but we heal souls through our spiritual ministry – by sharing the love of Jesus Christ and the promise of salvation. We want to help you explore what it means to have a personal relationship with God. The Salvation Army Corps Community Centers are a church home to many on Sundays, but we also offer men's and women's Bible studies during the week, group prayer meetings, pastoral counseling and even special group counseling for those facing similar hardships at some locations.

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Social activity sharpens minds.

Studies revealed that seniors over the age of 50, who were socially active, had slower rates of declining memories.

Your donation to The Salvation Army supports visits to homebound senior citizens. Donate now.


Dementia touches one in seven Americans over the age of 71.

Recent studies show that consistent human contact and interaction can reduce dementia and depression.

Your donation to The Salvation Army supports visits to homebound senior citizens. Donate now.