Fitness Programs

The Fitness Department has customized programs for Senior citizens (see Table 1). Our programs use evidenced-based methods to improve Activities for Daily Living (ADL) in the senior population. The Arthritis Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control and the Aquatic Exercise Association ( support our programs for physical activity. Nationally and internationally recognized instructors who have completed senior specific training in Fitness, Tai Chi and Yoga lead the programs for physical activity. Furthermore we have specialists on-staff with certifications in exercise training for patients with chronic/metabolic conditions.


Aquatics Programs

 We offer 6 aquatics classes during the week in our 98,000-gallon pool, of which 3 classes are tailored for our Senior members. However, the senior members can choose to attend any of the classes being offered. Our senior aquatic instructor leads about 200 senior citizens in our programs throughout the week. Free swim lessons are taught 4 days a week and water aerobics 2 days a week for 45 minutes each class. In addition to classes, our Senior members are encouraged to purchase the membership for $20 per month and with the membership, they have access to the facility 7 days a week and the option to participate in all classes.

The Senior Water Aerobics classes combine cardio and resistance training to strengthen their muscles without causing stress to their joints. We have water wheelchairs with motorized seats to help our seniors to enter and leave the water. Some of the participating senior citizens have pacemakers, hip, knees, shoulders and other joint replacement. The aquatic classes are tailored to address such difficult conditions. 


Healthy Eating

Our on-site chef prepares breakfast and lunch from scratch for our seniors at least once a week!


Social & Cognitive Engagement

Scheduled activities include:

  • Blood pressure screening seminars
  • Increased day excursion trips
  • Healthy eating seminars
  • Technology training, such as use of peapod, to communicate with medical facilities, or access the internet to do shopping 
  • Jewelry making
  • Crochet
  • Bible Study
  • Weekly social events with fellowship, games, movies, speakers, food and more!

Home visits will be conducted to ascertain each individual needs and various situations.  The intent of the additional benefits is to ensure that the seniors receive a well-balanced approach to spiritual, physical, health and mental wellness.

Free Membership for Seniors though Silver Sneakers!

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