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New Books July 2020

English books (93)

BF Psychology

BF121 .P818 2012      The psychology book.

BF145 .K566 2012      Kleinman, Paul. Psych101: psychology facts, basics, statistics, tests, and more!

BJ Ethics

BJ125.A78 B73 2010      Brannigan, Michael C. Striking a balance: a primer in traditional Asian values. Rev. ed.

BJ1251 .S8132 2016      Gushee, David P. Kingdom ethics: following Jesus in contemporary context. 2nd ed.

BL Religions

BL60 .S6625 2017      Spickard, James V. Alternative sociologies of religion: through non-western eyes.

BL432 .D38 2011      Davies, Owen. Paganism: a very short introduction.

BL2050 .W56 2016      Winzeler, Robert L. Popular religion in Southeast Asia.

BL2747.8 .O94 2017      The Oxford handbook of secularism.

BM Judaism

BM205 .S26 2019      Sarna, Jonathan D. American Judaism: a history. 2nd ed.

BM910 .P855 2016      Pummer, Reinhard. The Samaritans: a profile.

BP Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.

BP161.3 .K35 2016      Kaltner, John. Islam: what non-Muslims should know.

BR Christianity

BR115.J8 R315 2006      Rakoczy, Susan. Great mystics and social justice: walking on the two feet of love.

BR115.R55 S38 2020      Schultze, Quentin J. An essential guide to public speaking: serving your audience with faith, skill, and virtue. 2nd ed.

BR128.C4 W8 2017      Wu, Jingxiong. Chinese humanism and Christian spirituality.

BR148 .R35 2014      Rea, Robert F. Why church history matters: an invitation to love and learn from our past.

BR170 .W56 2015      Winter, Bruce W. Divine honours for the Caesars: the first Christians' responses.

BR182 .L66 2020      Longenecker, Bruce W. In stone and story: early Christianity in the Roman world.

BR190 .B87 1993      Christie, Douglas E. The Word in the desert: scripture and the quest for holiness in early Christian monasticism.

BR1710 .E87 2019      Every tribe: stories of diverse saints serving a diverse world.

BS The Bible

BS432 .C637 2017 REF     The complete topical guide to the Bible.

BS465 .M375 2012      McDonald, Lee Martin. Formation of the Bible: the story of the church's canon.   

BS475.3 .C655 2015      A compact guide to the whole Bible: learning to read scripture's story.

BS477 .W48 2015      Wilson, Neil S. The A to Z guide to Bible signs and symbols: understanding their meaning and significance.

BS491.3 .C655 2020 REF     Wesley one volume commentary.

BS544 .G65 2016      Goldingay, John. Biblical theology: the God of the Christian scriptures.

BS575 .H563 2018      Higgs, Liz Curtis. Slightly bad girls of the Bible: flawed women loved by a flawless God.

BS575 .J38 2017      Japinga, Lynn. Preaching the women of the Old Testament: who they were and why they matter.

BS621 .I83 2016      Isbouts, Jean-Pierre. Archaeology of the Bible: the greatest discoveries from Genesis to the Roman era.

BS621 .P755 2017      Price, Randall. Zondervan handbook of biblical archaeology.

BS647.3 .H39 2011 REF     Hays, J. Daniel. An A-to-Z guide to biblical prophecy and the end times.

BS651 .H338 2013      Harris, Mark. The nature of creation: examining the Bible and science.

BS680.E84 H36 2016 REF      Handbook of biblical social values.

BS680.P47 H350 2019      Hall, Crystal L. Insights from reading the Bible with the poor. Reading the Bible in the 21st century

BS680.P78 W43 2011      Webb, William J. Corporal punishment in the Bible: a redemptive-movement hermeneutic for troubling texts.

BS1192.5 .B63 2017      Boda, Mark J. The heartbeat of Old Testament theology: three creedal expressions.

BS1192.5 .W353 2017      Walton, John H. Old Testament theology for Christians: from ancient context to enduring belief.

BS1196.5 .R53 2018      Richelle, Matthieu. The Bible & archaeology.

BS1285.52 .B35 2017      Baker, D. L. The Decalogue: living as the people of God.

BS1430.52 .W58 2017      Witherington, Ben. Psalms old and new: exegesis, intertextuality, and hermeneutics.

BS1430.54 .H58 2019      His testimonies, my heritage: women of color on the Word of God.

BS1430.6.P67 W38 2019      Waltke, Bruce K. The Psalms as Christian praise: a historical commentary.

BS1475.53 .W65 2020      Wolfe, Lisa M. Qoheleth (Ecclesiastes). Wisdom commentary

BS2330.3 .W575 2017      Witherington, Ben. Invitation to the New Testament: first things. 2nd ed.

BS2361.3 .S585 2015      Smith, Daniel Lynwood. Into the world of the New Testament: Greco-Roman and Jewish texts and contexts.

BS2415 .L6 1999      Lockyer, Herbert. All the teachings of Jesus.

BS2545.D56 B58 2005      Blomberg, Craig L. Contagious holiness: Jesus' meals with sinners. New studies in biblical theology

BS2545.P47 B37 2016      Barclay, John M. G. Pauline churches and diaspora Jews.

BS2575.52 .B69 2015      Boxall, Ian. Discovering Matthew: content, interpretation, reception.

BS2575.53 .B7625 2018      Brown, Jeannine K. Matthew. Two horizons New Testament commentary

BS2575.53 .F37 2013 v. 1-2     Feasting on the Gospels: Matthew.

BS2585.53 .F43 2014      Feasting on the Gospels: Mark.

BS2585.6.J44 R43 2018      Reading Mark in context: Jesus and Second Temple Judaism.

BS2589.6.W65 F67 2015      Forbes, Greg W. Raised from obscurity: a narratival and theological study of the characterization of women in Luke-Acts.

BS2595.53 .F43 2014 v. 1-2     Feasting on the Gospels: Luke.   

BS2615.52 .C44 2016 REF     Character studies in the Fourth Gospel: narrative approaches to seventy figures in John.

BS2615.52 .E397 2015      Edwards, Ruth B. Discovering John: content, interpretation, reception. Discovering biblical texts

BS2615.53 .F43 2015 v. 1-2     Feasting on the Gospels: John.

BS2617.5 .S37 2019      Schreiner, Thomas R. Handbook on Acts and Paul's letters.

BS2705.53 .H36 2015      Harmon, Matthew S. Philippians: a Mentor commentary.

BS2805.53 .K78 2020      Kruse, Colin G. The letters of John. 2nd ed.

BS2825.53 .F36 2020 c. 1 REF     Fanning, Buist M. Revelation. Zondervan exegetical commentary on the New Testament

BS2825.6.J44 R43 2019      Reading Revelation in context: John's Apocalypse and Second Temple Judaism.

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT123 .P43 2004      Perspectives on spirit baptism: five views.

BT720 .O745 2020      Original sin and the fall: five views. Spectrum multiview books

BT736.2 .C73 2019      Craven, Geoff. Patriotism and pacifism in early British Pentecostalism: the divergent views of A.A. Boddy and A.S. Booth-Clibborn.

BT738.27 .M36 2020      McNeil, Brenda Salter. Roadmap to reconciliation 2.0: moving communities into unity, wholeness and justice.

BV Practical Theology

BV15 .W383 2008      Webber, Robert E. Ancient-future worship: proclaiming and enacting God's narrative.

BV40 .S24 2019      The Salvation Army Lexington Corps: Advent devotional 2019.

BV230 .G596 2020      González, Justo L. Teach us to pray: the Lord's prayer in the early church and today.

BV639.W7 M594 2015      Moore, Rebecca. Women in Christian traditions.

BV3790 .A49 2003      Allison, Lon. Going public with the Gospel: reviving evangelistic proclamation.

BV4529 .J6375 2020      Johnson, Rick. Healthy parenting: become the parent you wish you'd had.

BV4647.S9 B475 2019      Berry, Carol A. Learning from Henri Nouwen and Vincent Van Gogh: a portrait of the compassionate life.

BV4811 .W6 2020b      Words of life: the Bible day by day: May-August 2020.

BV5095.U5 W75 2020      Wrigley-Carr, Robyn. The spiritual formation of Evelyn Underhill.

BX Christian Denominations

BX493 .B87 2017      Burgess, John P. Holy Rus': the rebirth of Orthodoxy in the New Russia.

BX945.3 .H58 2012      Hitchcock, James. History of the Catholic Church: from the Apostolic Age to the Third Millennium.

BX2470 .B75 2003      Brooke, Christopher. The age of the cloister: the story of monastic life in the Middle Ages.

BX2470 .O47 2013      Olson, Sherri. Daily life in a medieval monastery.

BX320.3 .L687 2013      Louth, Andrew. Introducing Eastern Orthodox theology.

BX320.3 .M38 2015      Mathewes-Green, Frederica. Welcome to the Orthodox Church: an introduction to Eastern Christianity.

BX4700.J7 M37 1997      McGreal, Wilfrid. John of the Cross.

BX5005 .C35 2006      Chapman, Mark D. Anglicanism: a very short introduction.

C Auxiliary Sciences of History

CD950 .H86 2020      Hunter, Gregory S. Developing and maintaining practical archives: a how-to-do-it manual. 3rd ed.

D World History

DF572.5 .C47 2004      Cesaretti, Paolo. Theodora: empress of Byzantium.

DF572.5 .P68 2015      Potter, D. S. Theodora: actress, empress, saint.

DS62.23 .B45 2018      Behind the scenes of the Old Testament: cultural, social, and historical contexts.

DS62.23 .W67 2019      Arnold, Bill T. The world around the Old Testament: the people and places of the Ancient Near East.

HM Sociology

HM585 .S61584 2015      The sociology book.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV7436 .C657 2020      Cook, Philip J. The gun debate: what everyone needs to know.

Q Science

QH366.2 .D857 2020      Dunbar, R. I. M. Evolution: what everyone needs to know.

RC Internal Medicine

RC552.E18 W35 2020      Walsh, B. Timothy. Eating disorders: what everyone needs to know.

RC552.P67 R68 2020      Rothbaum, Barbara Olasov. PTSD: what everyone needs to know.

Spanish books (10)

BL Religions

SPA BL312 .M935 2019      El libro de la mitologia.

BM Judaism

SPA BM487 .P263 2019      Pagán, Samuel. Cuevas, manuscritos y revelaciones: los descubrimientos en el mar Muerto, Qumrán.

BQ Buddhism

SPA BQ4022 .L36 2017      Landaw, Jonathan. Budismo. Para dummies series

BS The Bible

SPA BS417 .U48 2017      Guía esencial de la de la Biblia: un recorrido completo de todos los 66 libros de la Biblia.

SPA BS2330.3 .P67 2020      Powell, Mark Allan. Introducción al Nuevo Testamento: un estudio histórico, literario, y teológico.

SPA BS2342.52 .R53 2010      Richards, Larry. Comentario histórico-cultural del Nuevo Testamento.

HB Economic Theory. Demography

SPA HB71 .E2683 2016      El libro de la economía.

HD Industries

SPA HD57.7 .L589 2012      Livermore, David A. Liderar con inteligencia cultural: el nuevo secreto para el éxito.

Q Science

SPA Q173 .H69 2019      Como funciona la ciencia.

RJ Pediatrics

SPA RJ506.L4 B66 2019      Bonilla, Mirelys. Distraídos y brillantes.