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Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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Aquatics at the Kroc 

Is a year-round facility. We offer many levels of swim lessons for everyone who wants to learn to swim, from Pre-School through Adult.

Unless otherwise noted, youth level lessons & adult level lessons last 30 minutes. Classes are held with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 participants. There will be no refunds after completion of week 1. There are no makeups for missed classes unless cancelled by the Kroc Center. Participants cannot change from a weekday class to a weekend class, but you may enroll in both and get two classes per week with each class being a separate charge. To register, visit our Member Services Department at our Welcome Desk. 

Pool Temperatures

Comp Pool: 80-82
Water Park: 83-85
Spa: 101-103

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Comp Pool Hours Lane View

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Swim Lessons at the Kroc!

Learn-to-Swim provides school-age children and young teens with positive, developmentally appropriate aquatic learning experiences. Learn-to-Swim classes are;

  • Kroc Tots: Ages 6months - 36 months
  • Preschool: Ages 3-5 
  • Level 1: Ages 5-9
  • Level 2: Ages 7-11
  • Level 3: Ages 7-13
  • Level 4: Ages 7+
  • Adult Swim Courses: Ages 16+

2023 - 2024 Registration Dates

Winter Quarter

Kroc Members Session 1 : December 22, 2023

Non-Members Session 1: December 27, 2023

Spring Quarter

Kroc Members Session 1: March 15, 2024

Non-Members Session 1: March 20, 2024

Kroc Members Session 2: February 2, 2024

Non-Members Session 2: February 7, 2024

Kroc Members Session 2: April 26, 2024

Non-Members Session 2: May 1, 2024

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Kroc Tots: Starfish

Ages: 6 months - 36 months

Parents participate in the pool as their child learns basic swim skills and water safety. Both swim diapers and tight-fitting plastic pants are required for children under three or any age not toilet trained.

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Preschool Water Exploration: Guppies

AGES: 3-5

We introduce students into feeling comfortable and confident in the water. They will learn safe, elementary level water skills that provide a foundation for advanced training.

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Kroc 1: Seahorses

Beginner Skills AGES:5-9

We introduce beginner swimmers to water safety and basic swim techniques. At every lesson, we assist students with guided support.

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Level 2: Sea Turtles

Primary Skills AGES: 6-11

Students learn basic and fundamental swimming skills with recovery support.

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Level 3: Stingray

Ages: 7-12

Students will begin basic stroke patterns, including front and back crawl. Must be able to float on stomach and back without assistance.

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Level 4: Dolphins

Ages: 7+

Students develop competitive stroke skills and begin lap swimming. Level 3 advancement required.

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Level 5: Sharks

Ages: 9+

The objectives of this level are to develop coordination and refinement of strokes. Participants refine their performance of all the strokes and increase there distances. Students develop competitive stroke skills and begin lap swimming.

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Adult Swim Lessons 

Ages: 16+

It is never too late to learn to swim! No skill requirement is necessary. We will design instruction to meet the needs of the individual and class so everyone learns at a comfortable pace, in a safe environment.

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Lifeguard Training

The primary purpose of the American Red Cross Lifeguarding course is to provide entry-level lifeguard participants with the knowledge and skills to prevent, recognize and respond to aquatic emergencies and to provide professional-level care for breathing and cardiac emergencies, injuries and sudden illnesses until emergency medical services (EMS) personnel take over. This program offers a choice of Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED courses to meet the various training needs of a diverse audience. 


Lifeguards have the final authority to enforce all rules, regulations, and safety measures. Policies and Procedures may change to create a safe and enjoyable environment for all patrons. All emergency procedures must be observed. Persons refusing to obey rules may be asked to leave the facility.

  1. The Emergency Alert System is two long whistle blasts. Upon hearing this, all patrons must exit the pools immediately.

  2. Daily random safety checks will be performed, including missing child procedures and unaccompanied children under 16. When prompted, quickly and safely leave the pool and gather your children for accountability. In case of a fire drill, use the rear exits towards the fields, not the locker rooms.

  3. Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated.

  4. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs are prohibited within the facility.

  5. Please refrain from talking to lifeguards on duty. Contact a "down guard" or MOD if necessary.

  6. Always use the designated locker rooms to change into or out of swimwear.

  7. Cotton or Denim clothing is not permitted (lint/ fibers rub off and ruin pool filters), and proper swim attire is required (family-friendly bathing suit/ trunks, athletic shorts, rash guards, Dri-fit only). Children 3 & under must wear both a swim diaper and a swimsuit.

  8. Facility Age Guidelines Must Be Followed:                                                                                 *Children under 6 with a life vest must be within arm's reach of an adult (18+) in the water.     *Anyone under 16 needs adult supervision (18+) on the pool deck and should attend to their child.

  9. Please rinse to remove any lotions, makeup, or perfumes, and use the restroom before entering the pools. Healthy pools are a shared responsibility; people with open sores, infections, communicable diseases, or persons currently having active diarrhea (or who have had diarrhea within the last 14 days) are not permitted within the pools.

  10. Prolonged underwater swimming or breath-holding is not permitted.

  11. Pool may close anytime for contamination removal or necessary maintenance.

  12. Eating food, chewing gum, and drinks (besides bottled water) within the pool is prohibited.

  13. Glass, ceramics, sharp metals, or breakable containers in the pool or on the deck

  14. Limit public displays of affection (PDA). We strive to maintain a family-friendly facility; lifeguards will respectfully address concerns regarding excessive PDA to promote this family-friendly environment.

  15. Photography/ filming is not permitted in the pools or facing the pool- to protect the privacy and well-being of all participants at The Kroc (TSA, KEEP SAFE). Exceptions include Swim Team Coaching Staff and official Kroc Staff.

  16. No animals, except service animals, shall be allowed in the swimming pool, wading pool, hot tub, spa area, dressing rooms, or other parts of the enclosure.

  17. No rafts, tubes, or inflatables except noodles and kickboards are allowed during designated times. Unless for Kroc Center Sponsored Events.

  18. Balls, Water Toys, Squirt devices, Snorkeling accessories, Diving Rings/Sticks, etc., are at the lifeguard’s discretion and may change anytime for the comfort and safety of all our members.

  19. The facility is not responsible for lost or stolen items. There is no saving of chairs or lounges. Please keep excess belongings in the locker room

  20. Lifeguards may stop any activity which may cause potential harm or damage or is deemed inappropriate. Conduct which endangers the safety and comfort of others shall be prohibited.

  21. We reserve the right to prohibit patrons temporarily or permanently from using the facility at any time.


  1. Spa Pool is for adults (18+).

  2. Shower before entering the Spa.

  3. Pregnant women, elderly persons, those suffering from heart disease, high or low blood pressure, or those using prescription medications should not enter the Spa without medical consultation and a doctor’s permission.

  4. Do not use the Spa under the influence of alcohol, anticoagulants, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, antihistamines, stimulants, hypnotics, narcotics, or tranquilizers.

  5. Do not use the Spa alone.

  6. There is a 15-minute limit on time spent in the Spa. Long continuous exposure may result in nausea, dizziness, or fainting.

  7. Diving, jumping, and lap swimming are not permitted.

Family Open Swim & Water Park

Please take a couple of minutes to review our Family Open Swim rules and guidelines before joining our lifeguards on deck. Reviewing these rules helps you and Kroc Staff maintain a safe space in and around the water.

  1. Running is not permitted: Please always remind your children to walk to, from, and around the pool; walking is the best way to prevent slips, trips, or falls.

  2. All swim types and ages welcomed: We want to keep Family Open Swim a safe and appropriate space for everyone. Please use this time to use and share the pool space recreationally; this time is not intended for vigorous water exercise or lap swimming.

  3. Age Guidelines Must Be Followed: Children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult in the water. If the guardian cannot enter the water for any reason, they must remain at the pool edge within arm’s reach of the child.

  4. Life jackets are allowed: Life jackets must fit snugly and not be used as toys. There's no swim test for the Water Park; guests must stand with their head and shoulders above the water line, have a strong swimming ability, or wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket. An adult must closely supervise anyone wearing a flotation device.

  5. No Diving in the pool headfirst: The Water Park Pool does not have an area deep enough to dive headfirst safely. During Open Swim, children can jump in the designated areas. Lifeguards are responsible for monitoring and enforcing rules in these areas.

  6. Water Toy Usage: You are welcome to bring in your own small plastic toys and use them with a guardian present. Toys are at the discretion of the lifeguards.

  7. No Kickboards, Snorkels, or Fins: Due to the increased volume of people in the pool during family open swim and water park hours, these items offer up a potential hazard we would like to avoid.

  8. Horseplay is not permitted: Horseplay like chicken fights, excessive splashing, pushing, riding on backs/shoulders, dunking underwater, and other behaviors the lifeguards deem unsafe is prohibited.

  9. Have a blast at Family Open Swim: We want the community to have fun; we want your kiddos to love the water and learn how to interact safely while having a blast! Please never hesitate to ask a question of the aquatic leads on duty if you have one. Thank you for keeping an eye on your kids and enjoying the community blessing of The Kroc Center!

  10. All General Rules Apply

Family REC Swim can experience high volume, and access may sometimes be limited. First come, first served.

Designated Jumping Area Rules: During Open Swim, children can jump in the designated areas. Lifeguards are responsible for monitoring and enforcing rules in these areas.

  • One person at a time; the next person can jump once the first jumper has swum outside the marked area.

  • Feet on the edge of the pool before jumping.

  • Facing forward jumps or cannonballs only, no spins, flips, flops, or backward.

  • No jumping into Shallow Water.

River Walking

  1. Water Walking is intended for walking laps, water exercise, or practicing swimming techniques. This time is not intended for recreational family open swimming.

  2. Inflatable toys and arm swim floaties are not permitted.

  3. Kickboards/ buoys may be used only during supervised swim skills.

  4. All general rules apply.

Competition Pool

  1. Lap Swimmers are expected to share lanes and circle swim. Swimmers should do their best to share a lane with swimmers with similar abilities.

  2. Swimmers should stay to the right side of the lane, swimming counterclockwise.

  3. This is a fitness pool. Anyone engaging in a non-fitness activity will be asked to leave the pool. Playing is only permissible and encouraged during designated hours.

  4. Diving blocks are only used by coached swim team participants, preapproved programs, and Kroc swim lesson participants with the instructor present.

  5. Hanging on lane lines is not permitted.

  6. Open access is intended for inclusive recreation/fitness use; any extra personal or group training/coaching/therapy is prohibited/ contact the Aquatics Departments for group requests or rentals.

  7. Anyone under 16 must complete a Swim Test.

  • The Swim Test consists of 50-yard freestyle (2 Laps) (arm recovery out of water and face put into water) and 2 minutes treading water (face must remain above water for the entire tread).

*The Salvation Army Kroc Center reserves the right to change* rules and policies at any time


  • All swim lessons have a total of only four participants. 
  • Arrive early to check-in at the Welcome Desk. Please have your child ready for class at the start of the lesson time.
  • Group lessons are 30 minutes.
  • Have your child go to the bathroom before lessons. Children who are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper and plastic pants (available for purchase at the Front Desk) to prevent bathroom incidents in the pool.
  • Classes will be cancelled and a refund issued if we experience lightning or mechanical issues. Make-up lessons are not available and no other refunds will be given.
  • Each Preschool/Youth class has total of only four participants. The parent and child classes can have up to five participants.

Stay Up-To-Date with Aquatic Policies & Codes of Conduct

 Pool Rules  Code of Conduct 

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