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Campus Ministries

A safe and secure learning environment.

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Campus Ministries

Caring for and building up our kids.

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Campus Ministries

An extended family and
a comfortable atmosphere.

Day Care and After-School Programming

Campus Ministries strives to be actively involved in the spiritual, social, educational and emotional lives of cadets, of families, and of children and adolescents. We fully embrace our role in ministering to each person as an extension of the covenant community and the family unit. Within ministry to families, we uphold, wherever and whenever possible, individual family values and willingly embrace the opportunity to dialogue regarding every aspect of a child’s life.


Our day care center has been designed to provide children a safe and secure environment. The children will encounter an extended family of teachers who will love and care for them while on their journey here at the CFOT. Here, our young ones learn through a variety of activities designed to enhance awareness, learning, exploring, creativity and reinforcement. In addition to our Bible-based curriculum, teachers will work with your child to develop early childhood readiness skills, fine and gross motor abilities and promoting appropriate social behavior.


Campus Ministries provides a comfortable atmosphere for your school age child to come home to. Here, our youth workers will encourage and assist with homework completion while building relationships with your children. School age children participate in spiritual formation in the form of small groups and community worship. Together we work on showing God’s love to each other, and to building each other up.


There is never a dull moment in teen ministries. Our middle school and high school students spend their afternoons in the “teen rooms” building relationships with one another and our youth workers. We hope to grow, individually and together, spiritually and socially. We hope to learn who God made us to be, to share in His community in life-giving ways, and to prepare for the journey He has designed for us.


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