Horticulture Zone

If you've ever been interested in learning about growing vegetables and flowers you are welcome in our third of an acre garden. Our Horticulture Zone also includes a hoop house, a composting area, and room for growing flowers. Our garden is 100% organic with no chemicals or pesticides being used.

Our Horticulture Zone Manager, Andy Nolan, tends to the Zone from 9:00am until 3:00pm Monday to Friday. Feel free to call him with any questions at 215 558 1580. All are welcome!

Upcoming Wednesday Workshops

Visit us at the Horticulture Zone on the dates below at 10:00am for a Free Garden Workshop with Andy! 

How to Build a Planter Box

MAY 26 at 10AM

 Learn how to build your own 4’ by 8’ raised bed planter. If you have rocky, tough soil try a raised bed planter.


June 9 at 10AM

Learn how to turn vegetable scraps and yard “waste” into fertilizer. Composting keeps organic material out of the landfill.

Benefits of Trees

June 23 at 10AM

We'll teach you how you can keep your property cooler in the summer and make Philadelphia cooler through planting trees.

Avoiding Chemicals

July 7 at 10AM

Learn how to control insects organically and by using row covers.

Cutting Flowers

JULY 21 at 10AM

Learn which are the best flowers to grow for making arrangements and how to arrange them easily.

Garden Guidelines

In order for us to conduct a safe and functioning community garden, we ask that all members, volunteers, and guests take a moment to read through and adhere to our rules and guidelines for the Kroc Horticulture Zone. Thank you!

  • You must be a current Kroc Center member to participate.
  • Masks (covering both mouth and nose) must be worn at all times.
  • Commit to volunteering to do an hour of work in the garden each week.
  • Upon arrival sign-in and sign-out before leaving.
  • Must wear enclosed shoes, clean clothing and clean gloves. Hand jewelry should be removed.
  • Those who are sick, have any symptons of COVID-19, or have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19, are not permitted to come to the Horticultural Zone.
  • Must stay on the grass or wood chip areas unless instructed by Horticultural staff.
  • Before beginning a task, must be instructed or trained on how to perform task.
  • Before using tools and equipment, must be instructed or trained on how to safely and properly use each item.
  • Ensure all harvesting equipment and containers are clean before use. Equipment should not be shared with others.
  • May take produce home with them on a weekly basis (after volunteering hour), as available. Please note that produce distribution is determined by needs of Kroc Center programs.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • Must abide by all Horticultural Zone policies and procedures.
(215) 558-1580
Horticulture Zone Coordinator:

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